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At Mascareignes Group, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible alarm services to our clients. We have been installing and servicing cameras and alarms in Indian Ocean Island since 2014. Our consistent delivery of top-quality assistance has made us one of the largest independent burglar alarm companies in Mauritius.

Protect your home and your family with a customized home security system that is designed and installed by professionals with years of experience in the alarm industry

We understand that choosing the best home security system for your family’s safety is an important decision. Our team provides you the opportunity to enhance your monitoring services with smoke, water leakage alert systems, carbon monoxide detectors, video surveillance, and other innovations we offer. To accurately identify your home or business security needs and availability for security system installation, we have alarm system specialists who are available to provide you with an informative and pressure-free consultation.

Intruder Burglar Alarms

We supply and install wireless intruder burglar alarms for both domestic and commercial customers. Our range of services include intercom systems, CCTV monitoring systems, fire alarms and door entry systems. With more than 10 years in the business of protecting properties throughout Mascareignes security offers a comprehensive service from intruder security planning through to installation, product support and after sales care.
Our experienced alarm engineers will manage your tailor-made security package from start to finish. We believe we offer the very best in fire & intruder security – and customer service.

One Security Intruder Alarm

Mascareignes security in Mauritius is a leading distributor and installer of state of the art fire and wireless intruder burglar alarms helping businesses and homeowners protect their family, property and livelihoods. Our expert alarm engineers are fully qualified to install and maintain the security system that best meets your needs and budget.

Why Choose Mascareignes Security

Whether you’re looking for an intruder alarms or fire protection for your home and your family or you have more complex requirements for your business, we can provide the solution. Let us help you to protect what matters most. Contact us today for, no-obligation quotation.

Your home and your family are your greatest assets. Protect them with a customized home security system that is designed and installed by professionals with years of experience in the alarm industry.