Enhance your

home surveillance system

Cameras help you see what’s happening at your home from wherever you are

Home security cameras are not for everyone. There are plenty of less costly actions (such as better locks, a burglar alarm system and other precautions) you can take before considering these. However, if you have a specific area of concern (such as a previous attempt at a break-in, vandals in the back yard, or just seeing who is at the front door) cameras and recordings can give you indisputable proof and a reassuring feeling of knowing what is going on.

With the right kind of recording equipment.
You would know who it was, what happened, and what to do about it.

  • Are the kids doing their homework when they get home or are they playing video games?
  • Has someone taken that package that got delivered at home while you were at work?
  • Can you instantly check on your home when you get the call that the alarm system has been activated?
  • Or, maybe you discovered that Rs 1000 is missing from your desk. Was it one of your kids? The sitter? An intruder? Or are you just getting forgetful?

What is right for me?

There are many manufacturers of security camera systems (also called Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV) in the market today. How do you choose which is correct for you? MSL has researched the industry to save you time and money. A recent survey in the Closed Circuit Television industry noted that 87% of purchasers did not have their visual expectations met after their systems had been installed. MSL will help you design a system that will meet your expectations.

There are many things to be considered when choosing a CCTV system such as:

  • Is there enough light in the area to be monitored?
  • How wide-angle a lens do you need, or should you use a zoom lens with tilt and pan?
  • How much of this information do you want to record?
  • Is the system expandable as your future needs grow?
  • Is an IP based or traditional analog technology best for your needs?
  • How much recording time do you need: days, weeks, months, years?
  • Do you want the ability to check your system from a computer, smart phone, or tablet?
  • What are the legal aspects associated with using the information you have recorded?
  • What are the moral and ethical issues involved with home cameras and recordings?
  • Can you use this information to prosecute an intruder?

MSL has the experience to help you answer these questions and help you select the system that is right for you.

Many options to choose from

MSL can help you find the right surveillance equipment

You may have also heard that surveillance cameras can be analog based or IP based. While IP cameras are the newer and more advanced product of the two, analog cameras still offer great cost savings and efficiencies that still make them the more commonly used product.

IP cameras can offer much greater image quality, typically 1-5 MP of resolution. A single IP camera with high resolution can possibly replace up to 3 or 4 analog cameras under the right circumstances, making IP systems more cost effective in some situations than Analog camera systems. Analog cameras are the tried and true technology, but they are limited in image quality. The cameras cost less and still offer picture quality that is acceptable for most situations. However, high end features like video analytics and some integration features aren’t possible with analog cameras.

Our staff can help you navigate the options and help you decide what system type makes the most sense for your situation and budget. Contact us for a free quote today!