Getting back to work in busy buildings is a real challenge for businesses. But technology can provide vital support. In this blog, we explore how cutting-edge AI-powered cameras can protect workers, customers, visitors, and businesses themselves.

Normal daily life involves a lot of people moving around the inside of buildings. In bustling transport hubs, busy shopping centers, office blocks and warehouses, people are constantly moving past each other and between rooms and floors.

But for the moment, this way of life has been forced to a halt – and understandably so. Within an enclosed space, there is a greater chance of transmission of illness. So to restrict transmission, businesses must also control the movement of people through very busy buildings.

The challenge today is how to do this as efficiently as possible, without affecting business interests. As we adjust to a new way of life, businesses must embrace innovative ways to optimize the density and flow of people through their premises, to protect workers, customers and visitors, while also protecting their businesses.

The good news is, AI-powered video technology can support businesses of all sizes in this endeavor.